Buyer Services

If you are buying a new practice we can help you find  one compatible with your needs.

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Seller Services

When you want or need to sell your life’s work, we're here for you.

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Complimentary Consultations

Questions for us or your situation? We know you're busy. Call, email, or text.

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Buying or Selling Healthcare Practices

Universal Practice Sales specializes in healthcare practice purchases and sales.

We have built an excellent network of professionals who can assist you in covering the complete process of a practice buy or sale-- from qualified dental/healthcare attorneys and CPAs, bankers and financial services companies that specifically finance healthcare practice acquisitions to insurance and vendors in the industry.


Next Steps...

We can help you sell your healthcare practice or buy a new one. But we'll need to know your unique situation. Contact us today. We can communicate by phone, email, or text-- the choice is yours.